Water sports – Socotra Diving & Socotra Surfing

Socotra Diving or Snorkeling:

Socotra Island’s worm tropical waters are legendary amongst divers for their dramatically sheer walls rising from the depths to within inches of the surface and capped with thriving coral reefs.

Scuba diving in Socotra has recently gained more importance among visitors to the Island.

Socotra Island is home to more than 680 Species of fish, about 230 species of hard corals (five are endemic), and 30 species of soft corals. In addition to 300 species of crustaceans (nine are endemic), 490 species of mollusks, and 230 species of algae.

A mild climate all year round(except the monsoon), water temperatures of 27 to 36°C, depending on the season, crystal clear waters and the likelihood of viewing species like barracudas, monkfish, dolphins, rays and even mantas are the main reasons why lovers of this sport consider the Island of Socotra more and more for their diving holidays.

From swept plateaus to sheltered coral gardens, Socotra offers to wander a full range of diving for every level of interest and skill. Socotra also offers avid wreck dives of some old shipwrecks.

The majority of diving on the Island is drift diving along the walls, and coral gardens of the outer reefs, with the dive boat following along from the surface to meet you upon ascent.

With unparalleled biodiversity and beauty, Socotra Island dive sites also make naturally exciting snorkelling. Watch multitudes of colourful reef fish glide among dense coral formations sprinkled with giant clams and turtles, sharks, and barracudas while enjoying the soothing tranquillity of this fascinating paradise.

Socotra Surfing

Surfing on Socotra Island only began some years ago when professionals and surf lovers realized this region’s excellent condition.

Top off an exciting day with some fun surfing with very strong wind (about 8 ft on average in the morning). Have a real-life experience for your time.

In some places, the coasts are rough and steep, and the rooks at the bottom of the sea generate excellent waves but require some precautions.

Due to its location in the Indian Ocean, Socotra Island receives strong winds (and monsoons). Surfing is only recommended for experienced surfers. You should bring a tow board, over 7 feet and a smaller board. And if you are a beginner, you should be careful with rock formation and stones.

The best time to come for this adventure is during the monsoon season, from June up to late August. In July, the wind speed reaches 60 nuts medium, and you must prepare for the high real core.

For experienced surfers, Socotra is a real adventure with world high-rank waves.

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