Socotra Trekking Tours and Camel Rides

Is Socotra only for the fit, young and adventurous???

As you approach Socotra by air or sea, you may look at the mountainous terrain and conclude that walking the Island is perhaps only for the fit, young and adventurous. We tell you that this is not so. You haven’t seen Socotra Island if you haven’t experienced the Island’s wondrous and thrilling landscapes. And they are all so accessible and often effortless to trek.

Socotra Trekking

Trekking/hiking as a sports activity does not require prior training or practice or physical condition. There are certain DOS & DON’TS which should be adhered to.

Socotra Island offers breathtaking, enthralling trekking routes for those fascinated by the unexplored regions. In the vast range of “Higher” mountains and the Dicksam plateau, there are limitless possibilities for trekking. Within the alluring arena, the Scant, Dicksam and Firmihin regions occupy the centre of the Island, with some points of interest for the trekkers.

Spectacular views apart, the Higher foothills are ideal for trekking, offering energetic outdoor people a different and exciting option for a holiday.

The Scant, Tinnera, Firmihin, and Dersmotin regions are the most popular destinations for trekkers, though Ayhaft Canyon, Momi, and Some places in the west and west-south have some fascinating trekking routes as well.

Roads should be carefully chosen as some treks may be more difficult or involve high-altitude trekking. It is generally advisable to be accompanied by a local guide. And ensure that the pace of the trek is not too rapid since this could result in exhaustion and would, in any case, not be enjoyable.

Socotra Camel Ride


If you prefer not to walk on your own two feet, you can ride one of Socotra camels. Only when you have ridden on a camel at Socotra will you know the feeling of sailing at a steady pace.

Camel rides with SAT on Socotra Island are a rewarding and fun experience: an opportunity to get to know and enjoy the spectacular scenery and relax the rhythm of ancient times.

Since no mechanized, backup is taken and involved. Walk off into highland and lower cost, on a dromedary camel- hiking or riding! Join a camel trail into breathtaking aeries; feel free to go where you want without being bothered by water supply limitations and heavy backpack; or luggage restrictions.

Enjoy the thrill and excitement of riding over plateaus and varying colours panoramas and heights of mountains rings of Dicksam plateau and Higghir. You will undoubtedly enjoy the scenic swaying along the way at a leisurely pace high on a camelback, which gives you great views of this country.

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