Socotra Places to Visit

Socotra Places to Visit

If you look at the size of Socotra, you can hardly imagine that there are so many Socotra places to visit.

From many historical monuments and picturesque villages to amazing landscapes, impressive volcanic caves, rugged coastlines, beautiful natural beaches, marine biodiversity, and last but not least – breathtaking views. There is much to see that you will soon realize that one visit to Socotra isn’t enough! You are welcome to the Socotra Islands multiple times.

To help you put together your itinerary of the places you should explore on your first visit to Socotra – or of all the sites you haven’t seen yet, you will find the following most interesting and attractive places to visit:

(1)   Hadibo

(2)   Qalansiya

(3)   Higgihir Mountains and Scant (PA)

(4)   Dicksam plateau

(5)   Aomak beach

(6)   Momi plateau

(7)   Arher beach

(8)   Wadi Daerhu

(9)   Dihamri (MPA)

(10)    Homhil (NPA)

(11)    Detwah lagoon (PA)

(12)    Shouab beach

(13)    Ayhaft Canyon (PA)

(14)    Hoq Cave

(15)    Dagoub Cave

(16)    Rosh (PA)

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