Socotra Island Local Organizations

Socotra Island Local Organizations:

Socotra island is run by many Socotra Island local organizations. Major Socotra island local organizations are EPA, SCDP, SCF, SES and SWDA etc.

Environmental Protection Authority (EPA):

EPA is a branch of Yemen’s Ministry of Water and Environment (MOWE) and has been present on the island since 1996.  Along with the Socotra Conservation and Development Program (SCDP), it monitors the state of Socotra’s environment and wildlife and regulates the ongoing development process. It follows guidelines from the Zoning Plan/Presidential Decree no. 275 of 2000.

Socotra Conservation and Development Program (SCDP): 

SCDP is a UNDP, Government of Italy-sponsored program currently responsible for monitoring and regulating of the islands’ conservation and development.  Along with the EPA, it has established the protected areas of Homhil, Dhi Hamri, Detwah and Skand, and through its web of extension officers, is in constant contact with the island’s communities.  The current phase of the SCDP will be completed at the end of 2007.

Socotra Conservation Fund (SCF):

Socotra Island Local Organizations - Socotra Conservation Fund (SCF)SCF is an NGO registered in Yemen and UK on a project-by-project basis. SCF was incorporated in the UK in 2002 and formally registered as an NGO in Yemen in 2003.  It is currently administrated by the staff of EPA/SCDP but will soon be independent.

Socotra Ecotourism Society (SES):

SES is an NGO founded to promote responsible and sustainable tourism in Socotra.  It is currently partly staffed by EPA/SCDP employees but will soon be independent.

Socotra Women’s Development Association (SWDA):

Found and initially funded by SCF, the women’s association sells a wide variety of locally made handicrafts and offers opportunities for female tourists to meet with local Socotri women in a relaxed environment.

Socotra’s Culture and Heritage Association:

Found by local poets and intellectuals, the Culture and Heritage Association aims to document traditional Socotri practices (including poetry, games, ceremonies etc.) and then help preserve the knowledge of these vital elements of Socotri culture.

Protected Areas Associations:

Homhil and Dhi Hamri – two of the current four protected areas – have associations that coordinate local development and conservation efforts and function as critical intermediaries between the local populations and SCDP/EPA.

Local Council:

Composed of 18 elected members and an appointed president, the local council represents the Yemeni government attempting to implement a national decentralisation policy. Together with the EPA/SCDP, the local council coordinates and implements development efforts on the island and coordinates the work of the various ministries on Socotra.

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