Socotra Fishing and Local Boat Safaris

Local boat safaris and fishing:

For a lifetime of memorable adventure, Socotra offers several tours on a local boat (“Horri”) – a 40 HP boat built for fishing. You can participate in one of the organized Socotra fishing tours and be taken to incomparable destinations.

Take a half-day tour to discover the beauty of Shouab beach. With the clear water and white sand, you can snorkel and relax. Whilst driving the boat, dolphin groups can be seen lopping right next to the boat.

Socotra Fishing

Fishing activity is a relatively new invented tour on the Island. Due to its eco-system, marine reserves and lack of conveniences, Socotra has some necessary restrictions. Socotra is still an ideal place for fishing due to its location in the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea. Socotra fish exports to the world. The majority of the locals on the Island are fishermen.

If you want an authentic fishing experience, plan your holiday to Socotra Island. Trips can be prearranged to join the local fishing men, go out to the sea, and familiarize yourself with their traditions, means and equipment like a fishing net.

This prime location is known for its excellent climate from February to April, with breathtaking sceneries and big-sized game fishes of Tuna fish, Kingfish, Barracuda, Sailfish, etc. You will feel the beauty of nature mixed with real adventure.

When the waters surrounding the Island of Socotra drop to depths beyond 1,000 m, excellent fishing grounds can be found already within 30 minutes after leaving the harbour.

Newcomers to this activity will receive the necessary information on how and when they will get with the fishermen.

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