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Socotra is one of those “lost world” islands (Socotra island separated from the world six million years ago) where intrepid travellers – particularly those seeking  exotic nature and wildlife in a remote tropical setting- can go days on end without rubbing shoulders with that less-than-endangered species – tourist.

Socotra island has been known for decades as the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean. The Island of Socotra in Yemen is the world’s tenth most prosperous island for endemic plant species. And the biggest island in the Middle East – 125 kilometres in length and 45 kilometres across.

Meanwhile, the landscape is one of contrasts: because of its isolation, nature preserves spectacular wildlife (including 900 species of plants and the famous Socotra Dragon’s blood tree “dracaena cinnabari” and some of the rarest birds which exist nowhere else in the world), and picturesque sandy beaches.

Paragliding in front of the coastline of Socotra
socotra rock

Socotra Adventure Island

Discover the virgin beauty and magic of Socotra Island. Scotra is a complete eco-tourism destination and this guide to Socotra Island offers over 50 Pages of Socotra Essential information, dos and don’ts, Socotra Travel Tips for visitors, and a comprehensive overview of Socotra general information, Socotra history, Socotra fauna and flora, people and culture, Socotra Weather patterns, and local Organizations present on the island.

Socotra Island Adventure is the award-winning tourism destination guide to Socotra Island with recommended programs/itineraries – tailor-made at your convenience. Socotra offers a variety of science trips by 4×4 vehicles with a wealth of beautiful sceneries, ancient culture and traditional villages. And some adventure activities include camping close to pure nature, Socotra trekking & Riding Camel and Socotra bird watching. The sea also invites you to go scuba diving, Surfing and of course swimming, as well as many other activities such as fishing and boat safaris.

You can also observe whales and dolphins right next to your boat, and if you are lucky, you will be able to enjoy a swim with the genital dolphin of the Indian Ocean and many other activities such as bicycling, visiting the tropical market, etc. – there is a lot to see and experience in Socotra. Socotraislandadventure.com will help you choose this paradise island as one of your future eco-vacation destinations.

Socotra Island – Yemen

You can also find places to visit with an interactive Socotra map and tour guide. On the island of Socotra, you can enjoy spectacular freshwater polls, majestic canyons and valleys, impressive dunes, and giant clam beaches. On this website, you can also learn about the Zoning Plane, Socotra Caves Explorations, and the Geography & Geology of Socotra Island.

One of our most popular pages is the Socotra photo gallery, where you can browse through our extensive images library, which shows up-to-date images and views from around the island. You can also view Socotra Map, get to know the Socotra Island location from the world and identify it from Yemen-Socotra. A dynamic map of Socotra Island and the archipelago map also show the other neighbour islands of Abdul Kori, Samha and Darsa.

Enjoy your visit to Socotra and find out why this small island in the Indian Ocean is known worldwide as the other Galapagos island!

socotra island plants

We look forward to welcoming you to the beautiful Socotra island.

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